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Kyle Reyes

Kyle Reyes An accomplished millennial entrepreneur, frequent guest expert on national news, and self-described “whiskey patriot”, Kyle Reyes brings the vigor of American grit and determination to the A Team. As President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, a boutique marketing agency headquartered in Connecticut, and National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today, a pro-law […]

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Nate Bailey

Nate Bailey A former US Army 1st Lieutenant and coach in both high school and collegiate athletics, Nate now stands at the forefront of transformative leadership as the visionary behind the Unleash The Leader Within Challenge and the Championship Leadership 24-Hour Experience. He hosts the acclaimed “Championship Leadership Podcast” with such notable guests as Don

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Laura Betterly

Laura Betterly A dynamic serial entrepreneur, musician, and tech industry trailblazer, Laura co-founded Visiosonic, developer of one of the first internet software download sensations – PCDJ, the first dual MP3 player for DJs – which saw over nine million downloads, at a time when this level of adoption was nearly unheard of.With a profound knack

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Vicki Southard

Vicki Southard Over the past 25 years, Vicki has managed thousands of retail and direct response earned media campaigns, scheduling well over 100,000 live radio and TV appearances for product educators, spokespersons, founders, and the like.You won’t find a talk or radio show in existence over the last 20+ years that she and her team

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David Larrabure

David Larrabure With a diverse background including a career in retail sales, manufacturing, business consulting, architecture and now as a top Amazon professional, David’s wide experience has enabled him to handle all areas of Nexxus Capital, from finding new target companies to acquire & performing due diligence, to handling capital markets, to running the day

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