Get ready for a life-changing show with Kevin Harrington, the pioneer of the infomercial industry and original Shark Tank star. Kevin and his team of business experts lead companies, non-profits, and cities to new heights, guiding them on a journey to explosive growth.

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"I believe every entrepreneur deserves the opportunity to see their dream become reality."

KEVIN HARRINGTON, The Original Shark

Kevin Harrington, an original Shark Tank star and infomercial trailblazer, has propelled over 500 products to market, amassing more than $6B in sales and penning best-sellers along the way. A mass market genius, his insights grace The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, major networks like CNN, CNBC, FOX, and Forbes.
Beyond guiding leading companies in marketing and product innovation, Kevin dedicates his expertise to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs toward unparalleled success through his consulting activities and now… through his new show Boom America.
Boom America is not just a show. It’s a transformational experience for company cast members, all documented on national television.
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Get Ready, America.

Kevin and his A-Team come alongside business owners and their teams, showcasing the grit, determination, failures, and successes on the path to the American Dream.

The Dream Team:

Every one on Kevin’s A-Team is a titan in their own right. From building 9, 10 and 11-figure companies, to helping others do the same, this team is no joke. They put their skills to work helping our entrepreneurs take their businesses to new heights.
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Impressive Entrepreneurs

Boom America entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, all levels of achievement, and all over America. Discover their unique stories—from humble beginnings to groundbreaking ventures. Join us as we trace their paths to success, revealing the determination, innovation, and American entrepreneurial spirit that propels them to even greater heights.

GO Behind The Scenes

Take a look at how the magic is made by our talented cast, crew, and producers. Even though we are making a show, our A-Team and entrepreneurs are striving to make the world a better place. That puts the Real in Reality TV.
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Some of the areas of expertise from Kevin’s
A Team include, but are not limited to:

  • Public Relations

  • Manufacturing & Product Sourcing

  • Web Design, Development, SEO

  • Sales Systems & Growth Strategies

  • Legal Tactics & Intellectual Property
  • Celebrity Endorsements

  • Financing & Crowdfunding

  • Software & Technology (including Web3)

  • Marketing & Brand Strategy & Campaign Management Strategies

  • Exit Strategies & Investor Relations
  • Retail Distribution

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Business Development & Transactional Deals

  • TV, Film & Video Production & Distribution

  • And so much more.
From the napkin to the store shelf, brain to the board room, Kevin’s A-Team has what it takes to shepherd our entrepreneurs to wherever they want to go.

Just A Few Of Kevin's Expansion Experts

Meet the A-Team:

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